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Steve Aoki to Launch NFT Reward Platform

Steve Aoki's metaverse and NFT membership platform, A0K1VERSE, go on public sale today at 3pm (PST)

American DJ and record producer, Steve Aoki, will be launching his first metaverse and NFT membership platform, A0K1VERSE, starting February 15 at 3pm (PST) for 48 hours.

What is Steve Aoki's A0K1VERSE?

Aimed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, the "new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world", the metaverse offers token holders free mints, NFT releases, partner drops, tour tickets, pre-sale access, virtual metaverse performances, digital and physical collectibles and more.

Ways to Use A0K1VERSE

Designed in partnership with NFT creator studio, Manifold, A0K1VERSE will be driven by the 'Passport' - a gateway that allows holders to attend live events and virtual experiences within Aoki's plot of land on the leading metaverse platform, The Sandbox.

Collectors' Passports are obtained by redeeming A0K1 Credits (ERC-1155 NFTs) and will be dynamically stamped to showcase participation and achievements in the A0K1VERSE.

How to Join A0K1VERSE

With a total supply cap of 50,000 A0K1 Credits, only 25,000 Credits will be available for public release on February 15? Existing Aoki NFT collectors will be issued the remaining half as rewards.

The pre-sale for holders of select NFTs includes Adam Bomb Squad, 3LAU, 0N1 Force, Doodles, Deadfellaz, Invisible Friends, Time Pieces, Doge Pound, Phantabear and more.

Connect your wallet for A0K1VERSE tickets here.


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