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Simple Steps to Using MetaMask

A step-by-step guide to using the cryptocurrency wallet, MetaMask, for Ethereum (ETH) and ETH-based transactions via the decentralized internet, Web3

Used for transactions via Web3, one of our favourite crypto wallets is the popular browser extension for Ethereum (ETH) and ETH compatible blockchains, Metamask.

How to Download Metamask

The idea of setting up a Blockchain wallet sounds confusing to most. Nonetheless, it's an extremely simple process. Here are some simple steps:

Install Metamask

To install Metamask on your desktop, simply go to and click 'Download', before clicking 'Install MetaMask for Chrome'. Once installed, click the puzzle piece icon in the top right of your browser.

Create a Wallet

Yay, it's time to get started! Click 'Get started' before clicking 'Create a wallet' and type a strong password according to MetaMask's guidelines.

Consider Security Measures

For extra security, MetaMask will provide you with a 'Secret Recovery Phrase'. Write down the twelve words on a piece of paper, and ensure you keep it in a safe place.

You will need it if you were ever to lose access to your account. Confirm your secret recovery phrase by clicking the words in the correct order then click 'Confirm' before clicking 'All Done'.

Note: You should restore and back up your 'Secret Recovery Phrase', for extra security purposes. Open MetaMask and click 'Import using the account seed phrase' before entering your unique code and creating a new strong password, before clicking 'Restore'.

Access Metamask

Now you've successfully and safely downloaded MetaMask - congratulations! The extension will stay in your browser's toolbar, making it convenient to access. Simple, right?

Exchange and Receive Crypto

Now you need the know-how for receiving and exchanging digital currencies using MetaMask.

You can easily buy ETH tokens directly via your Apple Pay or debit card, as well as receive tokens from your friends. Simply click 'Add funds' before typing in the information of your financial services, or send your friends a payment request by sharing your QR code or public address.

If you already own ETH and ETH-based tokens from another wallet, copy your new MetaMask public address and go to your existing wallet to exchange or send funds to your new safe space.

Sending ETH and ETH-based tokens to other accounts is self-explanatory - all you need to do is press 'Send' and you're good to go - easy peasy!

For extra information, check out FAQs | MetaMask.


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