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Royal Reschedule Drop of Nas NFTs Over Tech Glitch

High demand causes Royal to reschedule Nas's NFT drop to January 20

3LAU stated to be "buzzed" overing having the award-winning hip-hop rapper, Nas, set to release 2 different NFT drops to celebrate the launch of its new emerging NFT marketplace, Royal, on the rescheduled date - January 20.

Why Was Nas's Drop Rescheduled?

The drop was originally set to take place on January 11 at 1 pm ET but high demand for the NFTs caused the marketplace's servers to crash.

Fans were left feeling frustrated, yet all the more eager to get their hands on the rare money-making music content.

Royal kept fans in the loop while containing a sense of humor; politely announcing the tech glitch via Twitter and Discord:

"The hype is too real, you guys broke our servers! We know the site went down and we'll be back up at 1.30p.m ET!"

Nonetheless, Royal shortly announced a rescheduled date for the drop - January 20 - over being unable to fix the unknown technical issues:

“UPDATE: New date for the @Nas drop — Thurs, Jan 20. Same times, same place. Ultra Black at 1 pm ET. Rare at 9pm ET. Thank you for your patience. The excitement is real. We appreciate you."

What Does Nas's Drop Entail?

Changing the scope of copyrights, fans investing in the NFTs have the opportunity to claim a percentage of the royalties made from his two tracks 'Ultra Black' and 'Rare' - making the drop extra appealing.

Being sold via a first come first serve basis, 760 tokens will be available for 'Ultra Black' at 1pm ET; giving fans the chance to earn a decent chunk of change when investing in all tiers available:

  • Gold: 0.0143% streaming royalty ownership for $50

  • Platinum: 0.0857% streaming royalty ownership for $250

  • Diamond: 2.14% streaming royalty ownership for $4,999

Following this, Nas will be dropping his lead single 'Rare' at 9pm ET. Providing the opportunity for an even better outcome, he will be selling 111o tickets via the following tiers:

  • Gold: 0.0113% streaming royalty ownership for $99

  • Platinum: 0.0658% streaming royalty ownership for $499

  • Diamond: 1.5789% streaming royalty ownership for $9,999

Shifting power to artists and their fans by democratizing ownership via NFTs has been proven to be a powerful step. Let's hope no upcoming technical issues arise.


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