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NFTs to Solve Music Royalty Concerns

Through the power of blockchain, musicians no longer need to agonize over royalty risks

When live music performances were canceled over Covid-19, royalties became many artists' most regular paychecks.

In exchange for royalty privileges, song creators rely on music publishers, record labels and digital music distribution services to ensure their services are frequently streamed to valuable services.

Music Royalty Payment Issues

Nonetheless, artists face many risks when handing over royalties to their content, with potential issues being losing regular income stream, not being able to trace control of their copyright and being paid unfairly.

A lot of trust has to go into "Who should manage what?" before artists hand over what's rightfully theirs in the hope for a positive outcome.

Many music distributors clumsily manage the digital data of royalty administration, making music publishers clueless about who owns the royalties.

This usually causes the unclaimed royalties (otherwise known as "Black Box Money") to end up in the music publishers' pockets.

According to Billboard, there is currently around $250 million worth of unclaimed royalties in the music sphere, with artists most likely never being able to gain access to them.

Many artists are aware of the royalties they're yet to receive but don't have the know-how to claim them.

The Benefits of NFTs for Artists

Fortunately, there's no need for toxic third parties to take over the limelight anymore.

An extent of artists are beginning to see the huge benefits non-fungible tokens (NFTs) hold; taking home each and every profit made from their content by automatically receiving all secondary sales made from their files via smart contracts and saving money on streaming costs.

Why NFTs are Useful for Collectors

Collectors are also able to own a unique piece of content from their favourite artists while holding a digital collectible and a certificate of authenticity.

They may also be credible to receive a percentage of the royalties made, thanks to Royal allowing musicians to sell ownership of their songs and content, for collectors to purchase a part of the ownership while receiving royalties for the content they collect.

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