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ETH Denver Presents HYDRA Opening Party

Showcasing a state-of-the-art NFT-integrated sound system, Charged Particles will be presenting ETH Denver's official opening party, HYDRA, on February 17

Bridging the gap between physical and digital music, world-class musicians will unveil HYDRA, the first NFT-integrated sound system presented by Charged Particles and manufactured by Dragonfire Acoustics, into the early a.m.

Network with Hundreds of Artists

Attendees will have the golden opportunity to network with hundreds of builders, hackers, artists and innovators at the historic Wings Over the Rockies Air and Aviation Museum, in reach of Denver's city. Meantime, they can explore NFT installations, live performance art, vendor booths and insightful panels hosted by the finest thought leaders in the Web3 space.

Win Token Prizes from VIP Sponsors

For 6 hours, participants will have the lucky chance to win tokens, art, information and raffle entries literally airdropped from a large rocket, 'The Blimp'. Prizes are provided by VIP sponsors including Web3auth, Rarible, Nervos, Universe, Harmony, Mew, Unchained Music, Blockdaemon and more.

'A Room Full of Augmented Reality Experiences'

Creative Director of Charged Particles, Mango, commented: “Organizing Hydra has been such a deep and incredible honor for me. Everyone loves a party, going out and dancing with friends to good music surrounded by art that captures the imagination. But this feels different. The venue, the jets, the blimp overhead airdropping goodies, remarkable musical talent, a room full of brilliant innovators, world-class art installations, augmented reality experiences, and a hyper fidelity sound system as the capstone to unite it all.

"We are really so grateful to be able to facilitate such a vibrant gathering. I think everyone in the room can feel this is a step in the direction of more immersive blockchain experiences. We’re seeing things here that are laying the groundwork for the digitally integrated events, and we don’t expect it to be much longer before you can really walk away from a party, concert, or festival with more than just a good time - but also real-life value."

Confirmed Artists to Perform

Confirmed artists include Angel Baby, Loopacabra, Mienne, Danimal and Illestrater, Tye Died, Justin Aversano, Moodydarkroom, Joshua Tep, Aaron Ricketts, David Henry Nobody Jr, Laurel Charleston, Sean Mundy, Steveo Spirals, ROBNESS, FoodMasku, Anthony Azekwoh, Jason Matias, Max Jackson, Kira Burksy, Hader Jaeger, Niels Broszat, Spaced Painter and Israel Wilson.

For more information and to R.S.V.P, go to


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