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Following popularity since its first competition, holds NFT RA!CE contests daily

Giving competitors the chance to discover the best NFTs, the curation app for NFTs,, is holding its popular competition NFT RA!CE every day.

What is the NFT RA!CE?

Making likes and hearts valuable, Rara is seeking to fully decentralize its curation of NFTs via a like-to-earn protocol by Spring 2022.

Using $RA! Tokens (a Web3 replica of Facebook's likes and Twitter's hearts), competitors have the opportunity to invest in the virality of NFTs in the RA!CE, as well as earn more $RA!.

The chance to earn more $RA! is dependent on how early curators invest in each NFT when compared to other fans.

To be a part of this trending contest, curators simply need to invest 25 $RA! in NFTs that they find attractive, alongside a simple message stating what makes them special.

Self-Regulating the Blockchain Community

To adopt and self-regulate the community, curators are unable to curate their own NFTs.

RARA comments in a blog post:

“While RARA acknowledges we could block NFTs held in a curator’s wallet, wallets are disposable and it's impractical to try to enforce this rule. As a result, this rule is for the community to adopt and self-regulate."

However, curators are able to ask other curators to enter an NFT they own, and the creators of the top 3 NFTs respectively earn 500, 300 and 200 $RA!

To be a part of the hype, enter the NFT RA!CE at


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