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Crypto Firms Create 'NFT Starter Pack for Music Professionals'

Touching upon Web3 and NFTs, GET Protocol collaborates with various crypto platforms to create the 'NFT Starter Pack for Music Professionals'

Distilling the benefits of blockchain for mainstream audiences since 2016, GET Protocol understands the want and need for musicians to have full ownership of their content and community.

Ways NFT Platforms are Helping Musicians

Collaborating with the NFT platforms The Sandbox, Unchained Music, Audius and Uniquely, a useful starter pack has been created, touching upon potential music industry concerns.

Diving into Web3 and NFTs, it explains how the above platforms can furnish musicians, risk-free.

With help from all NFT platforms, GET Protocol has managed to gather a range of useful tech-savvy advice, with all platforms bring something different to the table. For example:

  • GET Protocol builds communities without the need of third parties

  • Unchained Music effortlessly releases the latest music while ensuring artists keep 100% of their royalties

  • Audius retains artists' full rights and copyright

  • Sandbox unlocks a new type of performance in virtual venues that are inclusive to fans around the world

  • Uniqly is an innovative revenue stream that doesn't rely on physical inventory or point of sale.

Thus, the possibilities for tech-savvy musicians are endless (and only a few key benefits have been stated!).

Helping Musicians New to Crypto

If you're a 'not-so-tech-savvy' musician wanting to dig deep into the world of technology - to gain more security and bang for your buck - this starter pack is created especially for you.

The information consists of an overview that touches upon what an NFT is and its benefits, followed by diving into Web3 and ways it can help music professionals. Lastly, the starter pack discusses how the combined platforms joining forces help, in unique ways, while describing in uncomplicated terms.

Learn about NFTs, Web3, and unveil an array of advantages by downloading the 'NFT Starter Pack for Musicians' - it will be music to your ears!


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