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Leah Alger
February 9, 2023

Def Jam Launches NFT Band on Solana's Catalina Whale

Def Jam drops the beat on Web3: Collaborates with Solana's Catalina Whale Maker to create musical NFT avatars

As hip-hop becomes more prevalent in Web3, it only makes sense for the iconic music label Def Jam Recordings to join the bandwagon.

Def Jam is the latest music label to create a musical act around NFT avatars. As a result, it recently announced its collaboration with the Solana-based project Catalina Whale Mixer to create a virtual band. 

Introducing Def Jam's NFT Avatar Band

"The Whales" is Def Jam's upcoming musical sensation on-chain. The band will feature colorful, vibrant whale avatars from the Solana PFP collection alongside a hand-picked selection of tracks from a roster of talented musicians and producers.

The studio behind Catalina Whale Mixer, WAGMI Beach, will help the record label shape the band's tunes alongside the project. Together, they are working toward Whale NFT holders having their own avatars — similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club's virtual band, Kingship — that will become a part of the band via an audition process.

Following the good news, WAGMI Beach's co-founder took to Twitter to tease fans about being back:

On another note, WAGMI Beach and Def Jam will be working toward dropping The Whale's first album, "A Compilation of Vibes", this summer. The tracks will launch through both traditional channels and music NFTs.

Performances through real-world and virtual concerts are also set to take the stage. 

Be sure to stay tuned on Crypto Music News to hear all about the future of The Whales.

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