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Leah Alger
January 17, 2023

Will Hip-Hop Pave the Way for Web3 Music in 2023?

Exploring the intersection of hip-hop and Web3: How independent artists shape music innovation on-chain

Regardless of the dominance of electronic music in the Web3 sphere - with the world-renowned DJs like 3LAU and Steve Aoki taking strides on-chain repeatedly - there remains to be a disparity between electronic music and hip-hop.

Although hip-hop has yet to fully establish itself in the Web3 world - with only a few notable artists such as Snoop Dogg and Timbaland making lasting impacts - many are cropping up, experimenting, and embracing the advantages of NFTs to monetize their music and engage with fans in limitless ways.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology allows hip-hop (among other genres) to create a strong presence in Web3 music. Despite many industry leaders focusing on creating their own platforms and virtual artists in pop and electronic music, hip-hop primarily drives by digital-native creators within the NFT community.

Hip-Hop Artists Making Waves On-Chain

Artists like Black Dave, MoRuf, and others are leading the way in independent music on NFT platforms, defining the future of hip-hop in Web3. Their innovative and forward-thinking work fosters a dynamic and stimulating environment for other artists to flourish.

Some industry leaders like Death Row Records, Rolling Loud, and Soulection are already exploring this intersection alongside other Web3 enthusiasts who are all for this hip-hop trend. For example, Rolling Loud has recently launched a PFP NFT project, LoudPunk, to enter the NFT space and build the growth of hip-hop in the Web3 realm.

The Potential Future of Web3 Hip-Hop

Although some already consider hip-hop to be driving the growth of Web3 music - otherwise known as a "bootstrap movement" - this trend is not entirely evident to outsiders but much more apparent to those within it.

As the intersection between hip-hop and Web3 continues to evolve, the question arises of what it will take for both worlds to combine.

Although it may be some time before this hip-hop vision is fully bought to the surface, 2023 must be a year of supporting those working towards this movement to pump up hip-hop in a new, innovative way.

So, let's share and rant about these funky tunes on-chain, and do all we can to celebrate Web3 hip-hop music in 2023 and beyond.

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