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Leah Alger
January 20, 2023

Tycho Launches Web3 Community Studio

Tycho partners with Medallion to create revolutionary Web3 Community Studio for all fans to enjoy

GRAMMY Award-nominated artist, Tycho, announced the launching of its Tycho Open Source Community, powered by technology company Medallion.

The community officially launched on August 17 to create a digital world with seamless Web3 onboarding. One that requires no technical set-up or payments.

“In this community, I will be sharing insight into my creative process, unreleased music, previews of new music, behind-the-scenes footage and many opportunities for us to better connect. You will also get first access to special merch drops, ticket presales and exclusive digital collectibles," explains Tycho on YouTube

The electronic DJ then explains how the community can boost fan experience to the next level as he goes into the next phase of his career, working on his seventh studio album. 

Tycho's Artist-to-Fan Community: Top Perks

This new community initiative provides Tycho fans with access to new and exclusive content. The chance to receive these rewards is a major advantage:

  • Open Source DIY merch activation where members can remix Tycho's art for a chance to have their designs showcased on digital collectibles and merchandise.

  • Exclusive previews of unreleased live concert footage.

  • A 15% discount on all Tycho merchandise.

  • Digital vinyl listening events where members can listen to unreleased tracks and mint collectibles in rare colorways for free.

These digital rewards will be provided on the Polygon blockchain, ushering in a new era for the fan experience entirely.

All fans are welcome to embark on this journey. So, come and join the artist-to-fan community and become a part of Tycho's new and exciting digital world — get involved!

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