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Crypto Music News Staff
December 27, 2022

Spinamp Launches NFT Minting In-Dapp

The move follows significant pushback against Spinamp's practice of streaming music NFTs without artists' permission

Spinamp has launched Spinamp Collect, a way for fans to mint NFTs directly from their favorite musicians in a desktop or mobile browser.

The move follows a significant discussion about the value of NFT music aggregators and pushback from many artists in the space. Spinamp nodded towards this issue with the launch of the new features in their announcement on Mirror:

"There's been some debate in recent weeks on the value of music NFT aggregators and listening apps: Spinamp is and has always been a music-first experience, and we believe that through listening to music, the content itself will encourage more fans and collectors to support artists and lead to a healthier, more intimate music NFT economy."

Spinamp's Critical Features

While the royalty debate, including the necessity of streaming royalties in Web3 are still hotly debated, the move to enable NFT minting has been met with general enthusiasm in the Twitter thread about the announcement

One of the critical features of the new feature is that Spinamp automatically finds the best price for a specific track with no added fees. This means that users can either mint a new NFT or purchase one on the secondary market, depending on which option is more cost-effective. In addition, Spinamp takes 0% of the sale price at the time of writing and always tries to mint and buy directly from the artist, if possible. The artist prioritization ensures that artists receive the maximum support from their fans and collectors.

Currently, Spinamp is only available in web browsers, but the team is actively working on ways to support collecting through the mobile app. In the future, the platform plans to add support for auctions and NFTs with random reveals or packs. These features will further enhance the user experience and make it easier for collectors to discover and purchase music NFTs.

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