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Crypto Music News Staff
January 12, 2023

New DecentXYZ Music NFT Drops: Week of 1/9/2023

New DecentXYZ music NFT drops for the week of January 9th, 2023. Collect and own exclusive, limited-edition digital assets from your favorite artists on-chain

Artists on DecentXYZ have recently released various collections of music NFTs. These exclusive, limited-edition digital assets were a must-have for any fan of the featured artists and vary from open editions to sold-out.

Using blockchain technology, these NFTs provided a new way for fans to collect and own a piece of their favorite artist's work. The drops have already happened, but for those who missed out, it's essential to know that these NFTs are unique pieces of music history, and most have editions left.

This week on DecentXYZ features quite a lot of hip-hop from the likes of Jack Frost, Christiano Covino, and Sweetman, with two open NFT music editions featured in SUPERHUMAN and Digital Identity. Click on the drop to collect the artist's music NFT.

Get involved - here's everything you need to know:

Christiano Covino

Artist: Christiano Covino Genre: Rap Editions Minted: 54/Open Edition Floor Price: 0.055 ETH


The 1st-ever NFT Release from multi-disciplinary artist Christiano Covino. AVAILABLE NOW, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Buy now and you'll receive Christiano's 1st rap single 'Superhuman' w/ exclusive perks & utilities for holding multiple copies! PLUS an increasing Mint Price & Instant Liquidity (sell instantly at any time)!

god's love - sweet's remix

Artist: sweetman.eth Genre: lofi Editions Minted: 20/20 Floor Price: None for Sale


remix of "God's Love" by Sagrado by sweetman.eth original track: Perdidos Artist: alexpaulmx.eth Genre: Alternative Reggaetón Editions Minted: 168/200 Floor Price: 15 MATIC

Jack Frost

Perdidos is an alternative reggaetón track that I recorded when I was in Colombia with my good friend and producer Manuel Bulla (bulla beatz); he was completely in charge of the production. hope you like it! Digital Identity

Artist: Jack Frost Genre: Hip Hop Editions Minted: 46/Open Floor Price: 0.008 ETH

More About the Track (From Jack Frost Himself)

"Digital Identity" by Jack Frost in web3 represents how we all have a Digital Identity. Jack Frost is an Alien DJ and Intergalactic Hero. He has fought and defeated many evil opponents in his journeys throughout the great expanse of the Universe.

Remaining fully anonymous ensures that those closest to Jack never face any backlash from his heroic endeavors. By maintaining his anonymity, Jack Frost’s family, friends, and loved ones are able to remain protected from the forces of evil. It is critical that Jack’s true identity may never be known.

When Jack Frost’s ship crash landed here on Earth - many years ago - he was forced to find a way to assimilate his Alien-self into human society. Without an acceptable form of identification, his only option was to form a Digital Identity. Using digital currency and blockchain technology, he is able to live among the humans while remaining anonymous without ever showing his Alien face. More Aliens have taken this same path, and we are growing in numbers.

To date, Jack has sold-out 9 NFT collections. He does huge Metaverse concerts and is building an immersive space themed nightclub entertainment experience inside the Metaverse known as Area 51.

Moreover, he has been in crypto and web3 since 2017 and NFTs since 2020. Some of his notable achievements in Web3 also include: Building a world-class Alien Gang community at Area 51, launching a decentralized generative PFP style Music NFT collection in 2021 (the first collection ever with song and image rarity), 9X sold-out Music NFT collections, and pioneering immersive Metaverse concert experiences.

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