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Crypto Music News Staff
January 11, 2023

Mastercard Introduces New Program to Help Musicians Embrace Web3 Technology

Mastercard introduces a new program to help musicians embrace Web3 technology, offering resources and networking opportunities to up-and-coming artists

Mastercard has finally ventured into web3 and music with the launch of its new Music Artist Accelerator program. This program, focused on bringing Web2 musicians into the Web3 arena, will select five curated artists to connect with selected mentors and establish dynamic fanbases that cross over into the music nft world.

The program is designed to empower artists with the new tools that Web3 and NFTs provide within a fast evolving ecosystem. Keep reading to discover more about this innovative artist development initiative by Mastercard.

Mastercard's Artist Accelerator: Unleashing the Potential of Web3 Music

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program will begin in Spring 2023 with a live streamed artist showcase. These five emerging music artists, including musicians, DJs, and producers, will be selected for the program, providing them with the knowledge and network needed to succeed in the rapidly-evolving digital economy. Participants will also receive exclusive opportunities such as event invitations, early access to song releases, and access to resources and tools. The program's ultimate goal is to empower these artists to build successful careers in the digital music industry.

Additionally, Mastercard is introducing a limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass. Holders of this pass will have access to the program's Web3 x Music instructional materials. With this token, fans and collectors can access the platform and train with web3 artists, in addition to receiving access to in-person and virtual events. This will aid the fans and other musicians in understanding and navigating the notoriously hard to break into industry. The program delves into various aspects of web3, including minting NFTs on the blockchain and representing oneself in virtual worlds. By utilizing various Web3 platforms and services, the program aims to foster a new community.

Mastercard Artist Accelerator - A New Adventure for Major Corporations

Following on Polygon's announcement of its partnership with Warner Records, Spinnin Records, and LGND, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program seems to be the newest foray into the Web3 music space for a major corporation.

The current NFT and cryptocurrency market wave is a pivotal time for the industry. As technology continues to improve and innovate and the market matures, education will play a key role in attracting new participants

.Mastercard has consistently demonstrated its support for the music industry and its efforts to expand its ecosystem through web3 and web3 artists are notable. To stay informed about the Mastercard program, interested individuals can sign up for the Artist Accelerator via the official website.

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