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Leah Alger
January 19, 2023

Helix Records Announces NFT Imprint

Helix Records announces NFT imprint to incorporate all of its artists into the Web3 world via digital assets

Helix Records is working toward revolutionizing the music industry by introducing a groundbreaking plan to integrate all its artists into the Web3 world through NFTs.

Next month, the label will release a Genesis Pass, a digital passport granting access to the Helix ecosystem. Pass holders can acquire free music NFTs from some of the label's most famous artists, later unlocking exclusive VIP tickets and backstage passes.

The NFTs will also give holders the unique ability to submit music to the label for feedback directly. In addition, one lucky pass holder will be rewarded with the rare chance to speak with Helix's founder, Patrick Moxey, for exclusive industry tips and tricks.

Reasons for Artists Transitioning to Web3

Helix Records announces NFT imprint to support its artists as they embrace the cutting-edge technology of the Web3 era through digital assets on-chain. The label believes that this transition can enable artists to forge deeper connections with their fans, who, in turn, will have the potential to share in the success of their favorite artists.

The company plans to leverage the data from the NFTs to gain valuable insights into an artist's fan base, allowing them to identify and engage with the most active and dedicated community members.

While the specifics of the launch date, supply, and pricing of the NFTs are still to be announced, fans can stay informed by following Helix Records on Twitter for the latest updates and information.

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