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Leah Alger
January 25, 2023

AR Rahman to Launch Music-Centric Metaverse, Katraar

AR Rahman's upcoming music metaverse, Katraar, is preparing to unveil diverse soundtracks, digital art, storytelling and more

AR Rahman - an Indian music legend, educator, philanthropist, and winner of innumerable awards - is set to launch its music-focused metaverse, Katraar

The platform will be developed in partnership with HBAR Foundation, which supports builders across numerous domains like business, legal, technology, and more. 

HBAR Foundation took to Twitter to share the good news about both forces joining: 

The metaverse will launch on the Hedera Network because of it being designed for large-scale use-cases, like Kartaar itself.

Notable Advantages of the Katraar Music Metaverse

With decades of experience within the music industry, Rahman is working toward transforming how people create and interact with Web3 music in the most innovative ways. 

Following this, it's no wonder the metaverse is dubbed "Katraar" - the term that refers to "a group of learned individuals who shape the world" in Tamil. 

To accomplish such an achievement, Katraar will release soundtracks from artists across the globe, feature original pieces created by the Indian icon himself, and showcase concept-based and digital creatures, art, and storytelling. 

The platform will also include a new way to leverage blockchain technology, to increase income streams for artists and set itself apart from rivals. 

Rahman is yet to reveal information regarding a launch date. However, those interested can sign up here to stay in the loop with all things Katraar.  Let's hope the launch date it just around the corner.

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