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Leah Alger
January 13, 2023

Calvin Harris Takes to the Metaverse Stage

Experience the future of live music as Calvin Harris takes to the metaverse stage for the first time

The renowned DJ, producer, and songwriter, Calvin Harris, has revealed that his next concert will take place in the virtual realm of the metaverse.

The "Calvin Harris Experience" premiere is on January 13 at 8 pm (GMT) and will be accessible through the PICO VR headset and TikTok LIVE.

European and Asian fans can join the bandwagon by attending the show in virtual reality (VR) using a PICO VR headset, where they can participate as avatars and add dynamic and personalized musical elements to their VR experience.

The concert will last around one hour, during which Harris will perform his all-time favorites to excite watchers and potentially grow his fan base.

During the experience, Harris will be an avatar in an immersive environment while interacting with his fans and creating custom effects and messages that shoot into the air.

Take advantage of the groundbreaking event as Harris pushes the boundaries of technology and entertainment for the first time. Download the PICO Video app and select "The Calvin Harris Experience" in the PICO Video feed at the time of the event.

Those unable to attend can also replay the show between January 14 - 26 at 9 pm each night on the PICO app.

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