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Raising Awareness About Crypto Music

At Crypto Music News, we love how virtually anything can easily be sold and stored on the blockchain as a collector's item. In terms of creativity, there are no restrictions on what musicians can produce and what fans can collect.


Being the hub of all things crypto music-related, we understand the potential non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have to transform the music industry. An increasing amount of musicians are joining the NFT hype; selling digital non-fungible tokens including music, concert tickets, live-stream performances, limited-edition experiences, digital content, merchandise and more. Why? NFT music content creators are able to keep connections with their fanbases, generate profits and release music while possessing all profits made. They no longer need third parties, who typically steal their royalties and affect their creative flairs - we're all for it. 

Helping to revolutionize the music industry by raising awareness, we aim to be a safe space for crypto musicians and companies to showcase their content - NFT music trends, drops, events, projects, artists and more. Our goal is to be the go-to place for exploring all things crypto music related - advancing musicians, fans and crypto companies alike.

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